“Quantity surveying” can be dated back to the antiquated Egyptian civilization where they utilized dedicated personnel for the completion of estimations and costing for their great and magnificent structures. The world is evolving quickly day by day. So are the requests and demands on the professions, and thus the roles of professional experts. All divisions in an organization with context to the economy are under expanding pressure to offer wide, range of services that are innovative, value added and also to come up with solutions on how to survive and face the rapid changes and increasing competition in the world market. In short over the last few decades, the quantity surveying profession has experienced various transitions.

It can be characterized as, a profession which guarantees that the assets of the construction business are used to the best point of interest of society, by suggesting the most economical monetary administration for undertakings and an expense consultancy service to client, builder and planner amid the entire construction process.

The Quantity Surveyor (QS), otherwise called a Construction Economist or Cost Manager, is one among a group of expert counsellors to the construction industry. As consultants they gauge and screen construction costs, from the practicality/feasibility phase of a venture through the completion of the development period. After development they may be included with tax deterioration plans, swap cost estimation for protection purposes and, if essential, arbitration and mediation.(AIQS, 2015)