Electronics Technicians design electronic components, and repair, install, service, and update existing electronic systems. They may write reports and manuals, and perform their duties in offices, factories, telecommunications industries, and various other settings where electronics are used. They also interpret drawings and provide training.

We are searching for a well-organized, reliable Electronics Technician to join our excellent company. The Electronics Technician’s responsibilities include diagnosing and repairing electronics, reading manuals and installing new equipment, performing routine servicing and inspections, assisting with training, recruitment, and electronic upgrades, and reporting to the Supervisor. You should be able to provide excellent customer service and manage electronic systems and equipment efficiently.


  • Set up electronic systems and devices
  • Assemble and connect system components (e.g. cables)
  • Build prototype models based on technical guidelines
  • Monitor and report on project progress
  • Estimate damage and calculate the cost of materials
  • Test system functionality and analyze data
  • Repair malfunctions in circuitry and other system structures