Electrical supervisors are experienced electricians who lead, motivate, monitor and oversee a team of electricians to ensure they produce quality work. They provide technical guidance regarding the installation, maintenance and repair of electrical systems.

Electrical Supervisors are experienced electricians who are in charge of a team of electricians and oversee their work. They provide technical guidance and support as the team installs, maintains, and repairs the building’s electrical system. They are responsible for ensuring that safety standards and compliance codes are met, and oversee the training and scheduling of workers.

Maintaining and troubleshooting equipment is part of their job duties as well. They should be familiar with the building’s electrical system and be able to troubleshoot the devices involved. A strong knowledge of electrical and circuitry layouts is essential. Electrical Supervisors should be prepared to work unconventional hours, as they must be on call for electrical emergencies.

This is a leadership position, and as such the Electrical Supervisor should be familiar with the positions of the team under them. Electrical Supervisors will generally have past experience in the field of electronics. The exact job duties will vary based on the type of facility and the specifics of the electrical system, but they will always require someone with strong people skills and wide technical knowledge. All large buildings have a complex and coordinated electrical system, and as such the job growth outlook for the Electrical Supervisor position is strong and growing.