Chinese has become one of the most important languages to learn especially after China’s economic presence across the world. With close to 850 million speakers, Chinese is the second highest spoken language across the world.
Because of CPEC (China Pakistan Economic Corridor) in Pakistan, learning Chinese means more opportunities for everyone in the global market. It seems that with the ever-growing friendship and business relationship between the two countries, the day isn’t far away when Mandarin would be one of the languages frequently spoken in Pakistan and Urdu would be seeping its way to China. Pakistanis well-versed in Mandarin will be better equipped to embrace the opportunities provided by what will ultimately become the largest economy in the world.

Here are few more reasons to study Chinese:

Chinese Is Easy, Fun, and Interesting!

  • Chinese is mentally stimulating, interesting, and fun
  • Chinese words are artistically formed
  • Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world
  • If you know 1000 commonly used characters, you will recognize 90% of the characters in  Chinese newspapers

Chinese Is Important For Your Career!

  • Chinese language skills are a resume-builder—knowing Chinese may give you an edge when competing for employment
  • International businesses prefer to hire people who speak more than one language
  • China is a wonderful country to teach English in
  • China will play a major role in world affairs in the future.

Chinese Is Useful!

  • It is a great experience to talk to others in their own language and it can be helpful when you travel to China
  • Taking Chinese can actually improve your mental power by learning how to arrange your thoughts into an alternative pattern or organization
  • Taking Chinese helps you to understand Chinese culture, literature and history

Chinese Is The Most Spoken Language In The World!

  • There are more people speaking Chinese than English.  It’s the number one spoken language in the world
  • One out of five people is Chinese.